Permanent jewelry experience in Whistler. Women hands with two permanent bracelets. Delicate gold filled chains welded directly around the wrist.

Never worrying about losing your jewelry ever again. Permanent, minimalist and delicate.

Inspired by friendship bracelets. The process is quick, painless, and permanent. Add charms and dangles to create unique, personalized jewelry that can be worn always and last a lifetime.


You choose a chain or combine two styles that you like. I cut a length of chain that is measured to your wrist/ankle so that it is custom fit. I then weld the two ends together directly around your wrist/ankle. There is no clasp so it feels light weight and super comfortable, almost like it’s not there.

It’s a great way to mark an event as simple as your trip to Whistler with your friends, new style matching friendship bracelets, couple bracelets, mother/daughter experience, stag and stagette parties, corporate event celebrations… there are endless reasons to have these. The process is super safe, happens in a second and just so so cool to watch!


Every weekend 10am-5pm at 3 Singing Birds, Fairmont Chateau Location in the upper village. Chateau Blvd Unit 107, 4599, Whistler, BC V8E 1A5


Throughout the year I’ll be popping up in various locations. Check back here of follow me on Instagram for updates.


Bracelets start at $75+ depending on the metal and chain style