Helen, jewelry designer and maker of Lazy Maisie, jewelry brand based in Whistler. In the picture with her baby daughter Maisie.
Helen, jeweler of Lazy Maisie Creates with her puppy dog called Winter.


Hi, I am Helen, your jewelry designer and maker. Thank you for visiting my store. Here is a little introduction about myself and how Lazy Maisie Creates came to be.

My creativity comes from a young age which led me to studying theatre design at Nottingham Trent University. 15 years after finishing my degree, I’m able to follow my dreams of becoming an artist, jewelry designer and a small business owner. 

When I fell pregnant with my daughter in 2019 I felt a surge of inspiration and a need to share this energy. Lazy Maisie Creates came to life. Named after our baby, Maisie, who was the perfect angel and slept a lot – allowing me to put my thoughts from pen to paper and my designs started pouring out.  I have since returned to work full time so you will see me juggling work, making jewelry and motherhood. 

I’m loving every minute! I am so happy you are here sharing this journey with me!

Jewelry materials demonstrated on sterling silver and gold filled bracelets. Light hammered pattern visible on the bracelets.


My preferred materials are sterling silver and 14k gold filled. For me, it’s important that the jewelry that you have chosen will look the same many years later as the day that it was purchased. My style is complimentary, wearable with longevity in design. I love customizing with a little message or name bar to make your piece extra unique and meaningful. I am committed to making jewelry, in pursuit of elegance and beauty, that you will love and cherish. I hope you enjoy looking through, to find your perfect complementary pieces!

Timeless and elegant long hanging earrings